Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rule No 1 " The Boss Is Always Right", Rule No 2, "If The Boss Is Wrong?

Rule No 1 " The Boss Is Always Right", Rule No 2, "If The Boss Is Wrong? So apa jawapannya.

Before i answer this. Mesti this topic akan controversy sikit. Ya lah mesti semua orang akan ckp boss pun manusia juga mesti buat silap. He he he, betul le tuj. But in working environment sometimes susah nak cakap. I also don;t want to comment further on that because i also have a boss.

Actually let me be clear to u all, actually as employee we must understand we need to obey instruction. So sama ada suka ke tidak we need to faham our situation. Yelah mana ada boss suka anak buah dia melawan, but hopefully boss yang ada anak buah dpt le bersikap profesional dan bertimbangrasa.

So memang ramai alami situasi tak ada chemistry dgn boss mereka. My advice cubalah sedaya upaya to work along with your boss for the sake of your career.

So berbalik Rule No 1" The Boss Is  Always Right", Rule No 2." If The Boss is Wrong, So the answer is like this, Rule No 1"The Boss Is Always Right, Rule No 2" If The Boss Is Wrong So Please Refer to Rule No 1"
After seeing this picture, what do you think about Rule # 1?

He he he so u know what i mean, sabo jele wait for your turn to be a boss, kalau ada suggestion nak bagi kat boss  susun le ayat dgn elok2. This is just my personal view.

So Salam, Sayonara dan Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh


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